Approved Drone Pilots of South Africa

Promoting safe and responsible drone operating by connecting clients with fully licensed ROC holding drone operating companies

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Click here to view the exhaustive list of all the companies in South Africa which have SACAA certified Remote Operator Certificate (ROC) to legally fly drones for commercial use in SA

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Has your company recently received their ROC from the CAA? If so submit your information to be added to the Approved Drone Pilots of South Africa website listing

Apply to Become a Drone Pilot

The process to become a fully licensed drone pilot is more complicated than many people expect. If you are interested in finding out more info on this process then contact us

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SA No-Fly Zones

Where can you fly your drone legally in South Africa? There are many laws about this so the first step is to ensure that you are compliant with all of the drone laws of South Africa, after which you can go through the map below to see where the no-fly zones are around our beautiful…

Apply for your license

In short there are basically two licenses which are required in order to be an Approved Drone Pilot within South Africa. The first is an individual Remote Pilots License (RPL) which you would need to get in order to be a qualified pilot. There is a common misconception that individuals who have their RPL can…

SA Drone Laws

There’s a lot of people asking us; “What are the drone laws in South Africa?”. There is a lot of misunderstanding between what it means to fly as a hobbyist pilot and what it truly takes to fly your drone as a business service. In either case you need to abide by a particular set…

Be listed on A.D.P

If you have recently received your ROC from the CAA please complete the short form below to submit your details to us. After these details are confirmed with the CAA your company will be added to the list of Approved Drone Pilots. Loading…