Apply for your license

In short there are basically two licenses which are required in order to be an Approved Drone Pilot within South Africa. The first is an individual Remote Pilots License (RPL) which you would need to get in order to be a qualified pilot. There is a common misconception that individuals who have their RPL can legally operate a drone however they can only do so if they are operating under a certified company’s Remote Operator Certificate (ROC). The ROC needs to be attained through a fairly rigorous process with the South African Civil Aviation Authority.

This summary above is the short version of a detailed process which paves the way for anyone looking to operate drones for commercial gain in South Africa under the current drone laws. Whether your goal is to get a personal RPL or a business ROC you would need to do this through a company who specializes in consulting you through the process. The costs can range from R15k – R25k for the RPL and the ROC can cost R80k – 120k depending on various factors.

If you are interested in attaining your license please complete the form with as much detail as possible and we’ll connect you with the leading drone school or consultancy in your area.