Welcome to Approved Drone Pilots of South Africa. The purpose of this website is to promote the short list of companies which are certified by the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) to offer you, the client, a range of services using drones and other unmanned aerial vehicles. The laws to become a fully certified drone operator in South Africa are complex and there are many individuals and companies within SA who are promoting themselves as licensed drone pilots when there are in fact not fully certified to do so.

If you are a potential client looking to hire a pilot for a drone job then this site will help you to find a certified pilot. The ADP website is a comprehensive list of the few companies in SA which can legally offer these services to you. Each ROC license is restricted to a certain range of services so please browse through the list of Certified Drone Operates to see which companies can cater for your needs. You’re most welcome to contact them directly with any questions for a potential job or you can contact us for advice on the various operators within South Africa.



The ADP SA website is an initiative by ACTION GEAR to promote certified drone pilots within South Africa. Action Gear was founded in 2010 and is a leading and trusted drone retailer in South Africa. For more information please visit www.commercialdrones.co.zawww.actiongear.co.za