The companies listed below are certified ROC holders and can legally offer drone services within South Africa. Each ROC license allows for different types of drone services so please see which companies below offer the services which you are looking for. Please contact the respective companies directly to inquire about booking their services.

  1. Anglo Operations (Pty) Ltd – CORPORATE operations only

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Private license for their internal use only


  1. Atlantic Tech Group (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services

Helping industry reach new heights.

Specialising in the Film Industry we offer filming services in the air, on land and in water. Our team has extensive experience in DOP, underwater filming and DIT.

Utilising state of the art equipment paired with powerful photogrammetry software our services are extended to Agriculture, Surveys and Inspections. Services include orthomosaic maps, 2D and 3D models. Our multi spectral camera provides high resolution NDVI and NDRE maps for the agricultural sector and golf courses.

Operations include G3/G4 and G16. We have been approved to operate in controlled and restricted airspace, night operations, over a public road including for take-off and landing. Close proximity flying to people and structures and within the radius of 10km of an aerodrome. We are able to operate over NKP or strategic installations with relevant authority approvals. SANParks permit allows us to operate in all national parks including Table Mountain National Park.

We offer a Legalize It and Fly With Us package whereby approved individuals and businesses can operate under our ROC to offer legal and safe drone services for their industry and their clients.

  1. Aurecon South Africa (Pty) Ltd  – CORPORATE operations only

Aurecon is an engineering and infrastructure advisory company, but not as you know it. We’ve re-imagined engineering.


  1. BAC Helicopters CC

BAC Helicopters, trading as BAC Unmanned, is excited to offer commercial drone solutions to our new and existing clients with the award of our Remote Operating Certificate (ROC) in January 2018.


  1. CCD Technologies

Information Pending


  1. Compact Aerial Services (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: G3 – Aerial patrol, observation and survey. G4 – Aerial recording by photographic or electronic means using the licensee’s equipment to produce a pictorial end product. G16 – Remotely piloted aircraft systems. Operations within 10km of an aerodrome. Operations overhead any person or group of people or within a lateral distance of 50m. Operations within a lateral distance of 50m from any structure or building.


  1. Darkwing Aerials (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Darkwing Aerials is a licensed drone company focusing on the film and industrial industries and are able to fly in controlled and restricted airspace as well as over national key points.  Our operations have been sculpted to suit the needs of the film and industrial sector being able to fly closer than 50m to structures and people and over public roads with certain permissions.  We are Cape Town based but travel often for all types of drone work, depending on the location and needs of the client.  We pride ourselves in being a leader in professional drone and camera operations.

  1. DC Geomatics (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: G3 Aerial Patrol, Observation and Survey. G4, Filming and photography. Mining surveys, industrial inspections, engineering assessments, mapping, construction sites


  1. Drone Inspired (Pty) Ltd

The evolution of Drone Inspired was the result of extensive investigate research into the vast array of UAV applications globally. Rather than adopting a broad brush approach to business opportunities in this technical field of operation, it was decided from the outset to specialise, ensuing we could offer clients the optimal levels of professionalism and service.


  1. Drone Visuals (Pty) Ltd

Information Pending


  1. Drones Ops (Pty) Ltd

Drone Ops (Pty) Ltd is one of the first BVLOS  rated ROC’s in South Africa. Focusing on mine surveying, LIDAR and security . For more information contact


  1. Eugene Pretorius & Associates (Pty)Ltd

This survey practice was established in 1982 by Eugene Pretorius to provide a comprehensive survey solution to smaller mining and quarrying enterprises, who did not have the establishment to employ full-time surveyors.

Eugene Pretorius & Associates (EPA) was re-established in September 1993 together with Stephan Museler and today forms part of the Pretorius Group of Companies.


  1. FC Hamman Films CC

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: We specialize in flying drones for the Film industry and can fly very close to people and structures. We may take off and land on public roads. We can fly in Controlled Airspace and do Night Flights, Aerial Patrols, Observation and Surveying … Our production office is very experienced in acquiring all relevant permits to fly where ever you may need to fly. If we cannot get permission to fly there, then probably nobody can.  At our last SACAA audit, CAA expressed their satisfaction with our professional approach to safety, however our main focus is to deliver amazing visuals to the Film Industry. Passion propels everything we do! Legal to fly in South Africa and Namibia. SANPark approved permit for Commercial Drone Operation in Table Mountain National Park.


  1. Flightpoint (Pty) Ltd


FlightPoint (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 driven by the demand for safe, low risk, high altitude visual inspections.

Our multidisciplinary team have experience spanning the electronic & process engineering, environmental, renewable energy, development and financial sectors. This extensive technical, business and financial expertise means that we not only deliver highly specialized technical solutions, but that we also consider business needs/requirements.

Our offering consists of the deployment of remotely piloted aircraft systems equipped with high-resolution video, thermographic & photographic equipment


  1. Fortune Air (Pty) Ltd


  1. Gillcor CC

The use of RPAS (UAV’s) for image collection is at the forefront of data acquisition for management and planning. Gillcor is a multi-industry RPAS service provider working in the agricultural, environmental, mining and engineering sectors.


  1. Heli-X Charters (Pty)Ltd


  1. Drone-X (a division of Heli-X Cape Town – CAA/0163) is a CAA approved drone training school, providing highly professional courses for all recreational and commercial RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) drone pilots.

Based at Stellenbosch, Techno Park, Drone-X aspires to offer this fast-growing industry professionally trained pilots, a thorough knowledge of current regulations and a comprehensive understanding of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) equipment.


  1. Integrated Aerial Systems (Pty)Ltd

IAS is a drone service provider leveraging the latest developments in drone hardware and software applications to deliver its clients accurate and actionable data in a user-friendly manner. To ensure maximum benefit of your aerial data, IAS selects the processing platform that delivers output that works best for your industry needs. Our team combines expertise from the aviation, technology and data sectors. IAS prides itself on offering a professional end-to-end solution for drone data that can improve operational performance for your industry.


  1. Kimfly Charters (Pty) Ltd

KIMFLY CHARTERS is a VIP charter company based in Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa, and is registered as Diaruk Pty (Ltd).


  1. Look Up Productions CC

For every Close Range Aerial Video Services project, Look Up Productions use professional drones, equipped with GPS position and altitude hold systems for smoother filming. We use the DJI Phantom 4 Professional among others which records 4K Ultra HD resolution up to 50fps. We always fly within a safe and visible range and we keep our gear on the ground when its raining or if wind conditions are too strong. We are approved for Night Operations, and can also fly within Controlled Airspace.


  1. LS Multi Copter Projects and Services (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Operations include G3/G4 and G16. Permissions to Fly above 400ft AGL (qualified), Night operations, Operations within restricted airspace, as well as to fly over national key points with the relevant authorities’ permission, Flight operations within 50m from any structure or persons, with all persons under the control of the operator. Service offerings include: Airborne RF Measurements and Audits (Profiling of RF spectrum utilisation at operational radio sites and measurement of radio system RF performance), Airborne Mapping and Surveying (Flight data acquisition for aerial mapping and surveying is done through the recording of high resolution geotagged images for photogrammetric modelling and analyses) and Airborne Inspections and Audits (High resolution photographs of all site elements are provided for any portion of a modeled 2D or 3D representation of an installation).


  1. Premier Aviation CC

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Mapping, surveys


  1. Prommac (Pty) Ltd

Information Pending


  1. Public Display Technologies (Pty) Ltd /

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Surveying and mapping for mining and survey sector


  1. Purple Turtle Aviation cc

Purple Turtle is focused on Exploding clients visions/callings/ideas into reality, through Coaching, Technology and a New way of Thinking.

Powering AWESOMENESS in the Broadcast and Satellite TV, Aviation/Drone and Coaching Environments since 1998.

With 21+ years global Broadcasting and Transmission experience and our owned and operated broadcast and satellite networks we empower broadcasters to deploy and explode their vision.

Our UAV and drone services are CAA legal and we attack drone based solutions from new angles.



  1. Ronin IMS

Information Pending


  1. RPAS Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Information Pending


  1. Salaria CC

Salaria is the proud holder of an ROC
So what does all of this mean. Well basically it means that we can legally operate as a commercial RPAS/DRONE operator in RSA airspace. We are also based in Secunda and are a Level 4 BEE company.


  1. Scarab Industries CC

Scarab Industries has a film friendly Remote Operators Certificate (ROC) issued by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). This license allows us to shoot with drones in sensitive areas, close to other air traffic, buildings, people, over national roads and even at night. We are Film People.


  1. Skybot CC

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: SkyBot is a Durban based family run business with more than 15 years experience in Aviation and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. As a Fully Licensed RPAS(Drone) Operator approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and Dept of Transport, we obey any and all regulations set forth by such authorities. Services include aerial surveys, construction project work and inspections


  1. Skyhigh Solutions

We are a passionate team who provide our clients throughout South Africa with aerial photography and videos using drone technology. Drone technology is constantly expanding and today it is used more and more to enable clients to access areas that have been hard to reach, eliminating risk and saving money.

We offer our clients throughout the country with reliable services and affordable daily rates. Our small team are focused on providing our clients with first class services, along with quality you can trust.

We are SA CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) registered and are fully insured, enabling you to use our services with complete confidence.

We accommodate all projects, big or small, catering to clients in the real estate, civil engineers, government, architecture industries and more.

From surveying your industrial building to taking an aerial video of a property, we do it all. We work with the agricultural sector, filming sector, we offer roof inspections and construction surveys along with building inspections and more.




  1. Skyhook (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Advertising Operations. Aerial Patrol, observation & survey. Aerial recording by photographic or electronic means using the licensee’s equipment to product a pictorial end product. Remotely piloted aircraft systems. Night flying. Flying in controlled airspace.


  1. Terra Survey (Pty) Ltd

TerraSurvey is an international outfit specializing in UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) real-world applications. We have extensive experience in Aerial Survey from the likes of Pits, Stockpiles and Tailing Dams to Pipelines, Roads and Powerlines, Aerial Assessment of infrastructure assisting with Quality Control, Routine maintenance or Site Evaluation, and Aerial Surveillance of locations that would otherwise be difficult to secure.

With a team comprised of enthusiastic and innovative professionals, our expertise and extensive experience is at your disposal.


  1. Timeslice Cinematography

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Film industry with close proximity flying, flying in controlled airspace and night flights. Aerial patrol, observation and survey. Aerial recording by photographic means using the licencee’s equipment to product pictorial end product. G16: Remotely piloted aircraft systems. Flying from a public road. Letter of procedure in Place with FACT – Timeslice has permanent permission from Cape town int and may operate there without the need for an FUA. Approvals from Sanparks to operate in all Sanparks areas including TMNP Table mountain national park. Legal to fly in Namibia, Mauritius with full approvals from CAA. Timeslice has also been approved by SANPARKS to fly within our National Parks


  1. UAV & Drone Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Security services, infrastructure inspection, stockpile management, surveying.


  1. UAV Aerial Works (Pty)Ltd

Information Pending


  1. UAV Industries (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Asset and structural inspections, Agriculture, Mining, Cinematography and production films, Survey, Renewable energy, Estates, Standard aerial video and still projects.

Affiliate drone operating companies flying under UAVI’s ROC:

18mm – website:

Specialists in the film industry including TV Commercials, Feature Films & Documentaries. Approved for close proximity flying, as well as in controlled airspace, night flying & above 400ft. Our pilot has conducted over 10500 flights during his 15 year flying career. We also have extensive experience in aerial surveying, inspections & progress shoots. Our clients boast about our professionalism, efficiency and on-set communication skills.

Big Bird – website:

Specialists in the film industry including TV Commercials, Feature Films & Documentaries. Approved for close proximity flying, as well as in controlled airspace & night flying. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, with over 20 years of RC flying experience, as well as 15 years of combined experience in the local film industry, we take what we do very seriously and believe that it shows in the quality of the footage we can capture with our rigs.

SKYLAB – website:

SKYLAB offers flexible camera movement solutions for the motion picture and commercial film industries. Having built a reputation as a leading aerial camera team, SKYLAB is currently expanding to embrace the revolution in all aspects of camera movement. We are based in Cape Town, South Africa, but regularly travel to locations around the world.


  1. UAV Technologies (Pty) Ltd

Information Pending


  1. Visual Air Productions (Pty) Ltd

Drone Services Approved under ROC license: Aerial patrol, observation and survey. Aerial recording by photographic or electronic means using the licensee’s equipment to product a pictorial end product. Operations within controlled and restricted airspace. Operations above 400ft AGL, night and close proximity to people. Film industry, events, live broadcasting, inspections, surveying, agricultural & security.



Professional surveying company using RPAS for thermal, LIDAR and general inspections.



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Looking to hire a drone pilot? Looking to find a legal and qualified UAV operator in South Africa? There are many RPAS and RPL pilots but they need to be flying their drone under the ROC of one of the companies listed above in order to be flying legally. The drone laws from the SA CAA require drone pilots to have their personal RPL or RPAS but that alone doesn’t certify them to fly legally for commercial gain; ie offering their drone flying services for a fee. The RPL is an important part of being able to fly a drone as a business but your business needs to go through the process of applying for and receiving your ROC (remote operator certificate). The companies listed above as “Approved Drone Pilots” have gone through the process and have been issued all the required licenses from the CAA in order for them to be fully allowed to offer UAV aerial services with the drones which are registered to their ROC. If you want to hire a licensed drone operator or drone company then this list above is the complete list of options available to you. There are many individuals who claim to be licenced to offer you their services, and they’ll do so at a far reduced price, but if they are not listed here then it is quiet likely they they only have their RPL and not the ROC.